Paving the Path:Twelve Steps to Optimal Wellness™

Please join us for an exciting program for any survivor dealing with the impact of a major illness or injury and their caregivers.

To register please contact us at or 617.952.6149.

Twelve Steps to Optimal Wellness™ is presented by Dr. Beth Frates, a rehabilitation physician and wellness coach, who is also a daughter of a stroke survivor.

Dr. Frates’ 12-step plan for wellness helps people learn to build a healthy mindset through various lifestyle changes, which include creating a wholesome diet and exercise plan, regular sleep patterns, and forming powerful personal connections.

• Participants in this program will take each step together with Dr. Frates, discussing strategies and sharing solutions for positive change.

• This program will provide the knowledge you need to make positive and long-lasting changes in your lifestyle.

The Spring 2019 Spaulding Stroke Institute Wellness Program runs weekly for 12 weeks starting Friday, April 5, 2019.

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