How to Effectively Incorporate Lifestyle Medicine in the Academic Setting

Standard medical, nursing and allied health professional training programs often lack adequate Lifestyle Medicine curricula. With more than 80% of medical costs in the US attributed to treating lifestyle-related chronic disease, incorporation of training in Lifestyle Medicine to treat the underlying cause of chronic disease is critical to effectively address both patient health and the […]

Paving the Path:Twelve Steps to Optimal Wellness™

Please join us for an exciting program for any survivor dealing with the impact of a major illness or injury and their caregivers. To register please contact us at or 617.952.6149. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Twelve Steps to Optimal Wellness™ is presented by Dr. Beth Frates, a rehabilitation physician and wellness coach, who is also a daughter […]

Author, Mental Health Advocate, and Teacher – Dr. Beth Frates


Beth Frates, M.D., Co-Author and Wellness Synergy Founder

Snippet of What’s The Word? featuring Beth Frates, M.D. of Wellness Synergy which was recorded on Blue Jeans Network. Entire episode will air later today at 6 p.m. eastern time here:

Managing Your Energy to Thrive

What inspires you to live a healthy life? Diet, exercise and sound sleep are among the many ways you can enrich your health and well-being. As HMS launches this year’s Season of Giving campaign, lifestyle and wellness coach Beth Frates offers some tips on putting movement, connection and stress resiliency into action. Like Harvard Medical […]

Spaulding Stroke Research and Recovery Institute Video Series: Dr. Elizabeth Frates

The Spaulding Stroke Research and Recovery Institute’s Director of Wellness Program, Dr. Elizabeth Frates, discusses how stroke survivors can use the principles of Wellness to live healthier lives and prevent another stroke. Have a question or want to learn more? Email us at

Beth Frates July 2017

Beth Frates of Wellness Synergy, LLV joins us on Radio Entrepreneurs to discuss her story of entrepreneurship

8: Recovering Your Health and Preventing Another Stroke – Dr. Veronica Anderson

Home Page : Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Medical Intuitive, Homeopath, Functional Medicine and an NES Health Bio Energetic Practitiioner interviews Dr. Elizabeth Frates about Recovering Your Health and Preventing Another Stroke. Are you overworked, overstressed or overweight? When Dr. Elizabeth Frates was 18 years old, her father suffered a heart attack and a stroke. […]

Tips for more energy

Beth Frates, MD, lifestyle medicine expert and creator of PAVING the path to wellness, provides healthy tips on ways to boost your energy.