What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Description: There is preventive medicine, integrative medicine, functional medicine, alternative medicine, holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine…. and then there is Lifestyle Medicine. What are the key differences and what makes Lifestyle Medicine unique? Join us for this webinar as ACLM’s president-elect, Dr. Dexter Shurney, defines Lifestyle Medicine, differentiates Lifestyle Medicine from other types of medicine, and explains how Lifestyle Medicine has the power to not only prevent, treat and in many cases reverse disease, but also provide a solution for real health care reform.

1. Define Lifestyle Medicine.
2. Distinguish the difference between Lifestyle Medicine and other types of medicine.
3. Discuss the power of Lifestyle Medicine for real health care reform.

Speaker Bio: Dr Shurney is CMO at Zipongo and president-elect for ACLM. He has served extensively in healthcare management including as Chief Medical Director for Global Benefits, Health and Wellness for Cummins, Inc, SVP and CMO for Healthways, Health Policy Strategist in the Division of Global Government Affairs for Amgen, Inc., and CMO and VP of Medical Affairs for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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