How to Effectively Incorporate Lifestyle Medicine in the Academic Setting

Standard medical, nursing and allied health professional training programs often lack adequate Lifestyle Medicine curricula. With more than 80% of medical costs in the US attributed to treating lifestyle-related chronic disease, incorporation of training in Lifestyle Medicine to treat the underlying cause of chronic disease is critical to effectively address both patient health and the financial burden of health care. Academic institutions like Harvard University, Loma Linda University, Ohio University and Western University of Health Sciences are leading the charge and effectively integrating Lifestyle Medicine into education. In this webinar, our very own ACLM Board Member, Dr. Beth Frates, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor at Harvard Medical School, and lead author of the Lifestyle Medicine Course Syllabus will discuss how to effectively incorporate Lifestyle Medicine into the academic setting.

Learning Objectives:
1. Review effective methods of incorporating lifestyle medicine in the academic setting.
2. Discuss next steps for incorporating lifestyle medicine lectures and courses into educational curriculum
3. Identify lifestyle medicine course development resources, opportunities for involvement and leadership awards for academic faculty, students, and trainees.

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