Protein & Disease, Dairy vs Soy, Nutritional Myths and More! – T. Colin Campbell Ph.D

Fascinating interview with Dr. T. Colin Campbell on some of the most important issues regarding health and nutrition of our time.

Interview contents:
Dr. Campbell’s history: 1:45
Our top diseases & our worship of protein: 4:15
Are fat and cholesterol really responsible for heart disease?: 7:38
Animal protein and disease: 9:37
Avoiding the word “Vegan”: 10:36
Soy – Good or Bad?: 11:20
Phytoestrogen vs Mammalian Estrogen: 12:03
Soy Industry vs Dairy Industry: 13:03
Why some people don’t see a significant drop in cholesterol on a WFPB diet: 15:15
The problem with breaking food into Carbs, Protein & Fat: 18:15
Whole Grains – Good or Bad?: 21:21
Is a low fat diet good?: 23:43
The problem with vegetable oils & omega 6/3 ratio: 24:58
Dr. Campbell’s opinion on the Paleo Diet: 28:16
Dietary fat, animal protein & diabetes: 30:29
Healthy muscle mass vs unhealthy muscle mass & animal based protein powder: 32:00
Inflammatory bowel diseases and a high fiber diet: 34:31
Peanut butter and toxins: 36:00

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