Protein & Disease, Dairy vs Soy, Nutritional Myths and More! – T. Colin Campbell Ph.D

Fascinating interview with Dr. T. Colin Campbell on some of the most important issues regarding health and nutrition of our time. Interview contents: Dr. Campbell’s history: 1:45 Our top diseases & our worship of protein: 4:15 Are fat and cholesterol really responsible for heart disease?: 7:38 Animal protein and disease: 9:37 Avoiding the word “Vegan”: […]

Cure Heart Disease Without Drugs | Dr. Caldwell B Esselstyn

His website: Dr Esselstyn talks about the benefits of a plant based diet on preventing and reversing heart disease. Dr Esselstyn has conducted many years of peer reviewed research on the effects of a plant based diet to prevent and reverse heart disease. Dr Esselstyn also shows that through a plant based diet one […]