Why Social Wellness is Important? The Power of Social Interaction

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Hey everyone! In this video, we’re going to talk about What does it Mean to be Socially Healthy?

If you don’t know me, I’m Dr Patrick Kingsep and I am a Clinical Psychologist who works in private practice and helps individuals, families and couples improve their emotional well-being.

Social health includes a person’s ability to interact in positive ways with other people. It is also about creating and maintaining healthy, meaningful relationships that serve different purposes in life.

Social health means you connect with others in your community, you can communicate with others, you understand and respect social norms, and you set boundaries for yourself that allows you to maintain your own mental health while remaining connected to others.

Without connections with people, creating social well being, we cannot call ourselves genuinely healthy.

Social health is not just about having lots of friends or going out a lot.

Your ability to interact with a whole range of people and adapt to the different expectations of these different relationships is part of your social health.

Social health includes communicating, empathizing with others, personal boundaries, trust and self-confidence.

Your emotional resilience depends on your social wellness. Your relationships support and bolster you during hard times and help you enjoy the good times even more.

Those with close relationships even produce more antibodies to help your immune system fight diseases, than those who spend time alone.

Those with deep and healthy social connections are more likely also to have healthy eating and exercise habits, as well.

These with strong, healthy relationships are more likely to manage stress better, and they can communicate their emotions in ways that are helpful and not harmful.

When you are surrounded by people with robust emotional and mental health, this gives you strong and powerful people to model for how to manage your emotions and communicate your needs to others.

When you feel confident in your own self-efficacy, you are more likely to choose rewarding career paths, take better care of yourself, and find meaning in life.

If you want to become more socially well, there are some ways you can increase your social network:

1. Smile and introduce yourself.

2. Treat every person you meet as if they could be your next friend.

3. Give of yourself.

4. Join a group.

5. Be a better listener.

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