On Contact: Is it food? NYU’s Marion Nestle

Host Chris Hedges talks to Marion Nestle, New York University professor of nutrition, on how food companies distort the science and research into what we eat. In her book ‘Unsavory Truth: How Food Companies Skew The Science Of What We Eat,’ Nestle explains that the food industry follows the formula pioneered by the tobacco industry […]

Food Corps Can BUY Research Results – Marion Nestle PhD

Industry corrupts science. So says celebrated nutrition expert and best-selling author, Professor Marion Nestle. Prof. Nestle levels thoughtful criticism against food and beverage companies which, she says, use questionable science and marketing to push their own agendas. There is indeed something rotten in the state of dietary science. In this wide-ranging one-hour discussion, Professor Nestle […]

Marion Nestle: “Politics in Action: The Environment of Food Choice”

Marion Nestle gave the plenary lecture at the European Society of Environmental History (ESEH) Conference 2013. Nestle is the Paulette Goddard Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University (NYU), which she chaired from 1988–2003. She also teaches sociology at NYU and is a visiting professor of nutritional […]

The food we were born to eat: John McDougall at TEDxFremont

www.tedxfremont.com What food habits do all great civilizations have in common? John McDougall suggests that starch-based diets are the foods humans were born to eat. He has been studying, writing, and speaking out about the effects of nutrition on disease for over 40 years and is a bestselling author of several titles, including The Starch […]