010. Saturated fat – What’s the real story? Interview with Dr. David Katz of Yale

Dietary fat can be a confusing subject and that’s in part because it’s a class of nutrients of which there are many different types. Some types appear to have clear beneficial effects on human physiology in certain contexts, like for example olive oil, while others appear to impair our health when they comprise too high […]

Marketing Junk Food to Kids – Marion Nestle

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/2008/08/14/Marion_Nestle_What_to_Eat NYU nutritionist Dr. Marion Nestle examines the controversial food industry practice of creating advertising directed at children. —– Marion Nestle, NYU Professor of Nutrition and author of Food Politics, Safe Food, and What to Eat, gives a talk entitled What to Eat: Personal Responsibility or Social Responsibility. Nestle discusses the U.S. […]